IDOVEN awarded as a success story for its customer data privacy and information security certifications

At IDOVEN we always have the customer in mind.

Not only to help prevent early and non-invasively potential cardiac problems or events. We are also involved in the correct management, certification and security of the data processed in each monitoring we carry out with our services.

The Integrated Management System implemented in IDOVEN has been presented as a success story in information security and privacy certifications.

In this event, in which more than 100 companies and public entities took part, held on 11 November, and in which representatives of IDOVEN, the certifying company APPLUS and the consultancy firm START UP, special mention was made of the Integrated Information Security and Privacy Management System implemented in IDOVEN based on the ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 27701 and National Security Scheme standards.

The Management System, certified by APPLUS, allows the provision of specialised telemedicine services, and specifically our cardiac telediagnosis technology, WILLEMThe management system, certified by APPLUS, guarantees the security of the information systems involved and the privacy of clients' personal data.

The measures included in this Management System involve the implementation of fundamental tools and measures to detect and mitigate cyber attacks and theft of information and personal data.

This award represents many hours of work by IDOVEN's technical team , whose objective is to always ensure the safety of our clients, both in the treatment of their personal and cardiac data and in the treatment of any problem or cardiac episode that our artificial intelligence algorithm may detect during each monitoring.

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